Diserio Martin O'Connor & Castiglioni LLP

DMOC Attorneys Richard Castiglioni and Bridgitte Mott obtain summary judgment voiding an illegally funded Delaware Irrevocable Trust and obtain judgment for the return of over $6M of assets to conserved person’s estate

January 20, 2016

Richard E. Castiglioni and Bridgitte E. Mott represented a specially appointed Conservator of Estate in a declaratory judgment action seeking a declaration that an illegally funded Delaware Irrevocable Trust was void ab initio and a declaration that the transfers made into said Irrevocable Trust by the former conservator were void and unenforceable.  The victim in this matter was an individual under a voluntary conservatorship whose assets were illegally transferred from her conservatorship estate into the Irrevocable Trust.  The Connecticut Superior Court found that the Irrevocable Trust was void ab initio, found that all transfers made into said trust were unauthorized and improper, and ultimately ordered that the approximated $6 million of conservatorship estate assets transferred into the Irrevocable Trust be returned to the conserved person’s estate.