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US Trademark Office Announces Reduction in Filing Fees for Electronically Filed Applications

December 18, 2014

The electronic filing system at the United States Trademark Office has been incredibly successful.  The ease of use and reduced fees for electronic filing have promoted widespread use.  In an effort to incent even greater use of electronic filing, and acknowledge the efficiencies gained by the system, the Office has just been announced reductions in government fees for various filings. 

Effective January 17, 2015 fees for trademark applications and renewals of registered marks for all applicants who agree to have their applications filed electronically will be reduced.  After the effective date, the government filing fee for an application filed electronically (regular TEAS application) will be reduced from $325 to $275 per class.  The filing fee for applicants who agree to various requirements, communicate with the Office only by electronic means and select the listing of goods and/or services directly from the USPTO's Acceptable Identification of Goods and Services Manual (TEAS Plus applications) will be reduced from $275 to $225 per class.  Filing fees for renewal of an existing registration will be reduced from $400 to $300 per class. 

For more information, please contact Matthew C. Wagner, Chair of DMOC’s Intellectual Property Department, MWagner@dmoc.com, 203-358-0800.