Diserio Martin O'Connor & Castiglioni LLP

Business Disputes and Commercial Litigation

Business disputes can spell financial disaster for companies large and small. When these disputes lead to litigation, the impact on a company, in terms of time and cost, can increase dramatically. At Diserio Martin O'Connor & Castiglioni LLP, we understand the expense, both tangible and intangible, of protracted commercial litigation.  We take the time to learn our clients’ businesses, often drawing on the experience of attorneys in our other departments, to develop the appropriate strategies to bring about the most efficient and economical resolutions to business disputes.  By proper planning, management and staffing, use of computer technology, and drawing on our extensive experience, we are able to aggressively represent our clients’ legal interests while never losing sight of the specific needs of their businesses.  While we are always prepared to proceed to trial when necessary, when appropriate we work with our clients to seek creative and results-oriented alternatives to the traditional trial process.