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Corporate Finance and Securities

We represent clients in many different types of joint venture transactions ranging from two-party, 50/50 joint ventures to joint ventures involving many different participants. We have extensive experience in helping clients determine the appropriate joint venture structure (partnership, corporation, limited liability company, purely contractual relationship, or some combination of the foregoing, among others), and in helping clients evaluate the various liability, tax, governance and other implications of any particular structure.

We have represented numerous clients in litigation among joint venture participants, and this experience has helped our transactional lawyers counsel clients regarding the structuring of joint venture dispute resolution mechanisms, dissolution mechanisms and other contractual provisions that can avoid or at least minimize the risk of the costly litigation frequently arising in the joint venture context. Given the often critical role that technology and licensing arrangements can play in joint ventures and strategic alliances, our intellectual property lawyers are involved in structuring and documenting joint venture transactions.

We offer a full spectrum of commercial and intellectual property law advice to corporate clients.